The brain is the most important organ. It shapes thoughts, evokes feelings and controls body functions – in short, it is crucial to how you feel and function. But did you know that the environments you are in affects your well-being? That the number of plants in the office is important for your performance? Or that a room with a low ceiling makes it easier to focus on details?

Neuroscience and interior design ā€“ two completely different and unrelated areas?

We thought so too, until we started to talk to each other about what we do. What conditions in which surroundings do we need to perform at our best, we asked ourselves. Everything starts with the individual; if we canā€™t function as we should, then nothing else does either. And suddenly the penny dropped. We realised that our shared expertise allows us to actually create these optimised environments. Our neurodesign concept, the interplay between neuroscience and interior design, was born right then and there.ā€¯ When the neuroscientist Katarina Gospic and the interior designer Isabelle Sjƶvall beat their heads together, the result is an exciting inspirational book where mind, body and biology meet furnishings, architecture and design. The merge of these disciplines gives you the tools to decorate both homes and offices in a way that optimizes health, performance and well-being. The concept of neurodesign is here to stay. Contact info@stargo.seĀ or Adlibris if you’re interested in buying the book.